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"He was, as she had just reminded him, a powerful man. He had, it seemed, everything
any man could possibly want in this life. But there was something else that he wanted, and he was not at all sure he would ever have it. He was certainly not going to ask today. Maybe not even tomorrow or the next day.
He was afraid to ask. He was afraid the answer would be no. And, if it was, he could never ask again. So the question must wait.
He wanted her love.

Wulfric Bedwin - Slightly Dangerous"


Greetings from Portugal

Hello,  I'm Ana and I'm a books addict lol. I'm new around here, just found out this awesome place (full of readers) exist, otherwise i'd be here ages ago. I love to talk about books, books on my to read list, books i've read, books i've loved, books that were a waste of time and so on, but the truth is that it is very difficult to talk  with someone about that  because of all of my friends i'm the only books addict. so here i am :) i'm still getting used to this and i'm sorry if my english is not perfect but i'm portuguese and even though my english developed a lot in the past 2 years due to my reading it's still not that good. tomorrow i'll talk to you about my favourite books, my favourites genres and that stuff... night night people *